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open house series

When thinking about my Alma Mater, I think about how it became my home so easily. Being from Pennsylvania, I could not go home very often while at school, so I found home on campus at Roger Williams University. The campus cats particularly brought me the feeling of home because my home always had a cat, no matter where my family moved. Another thing my home had was lots of handmade art, my mom is always working on a new cross stitch. I combined these ideas in my open house poster design. I designed the cross stitch pattern and then hand stitched the cross stitch. The poster:


I wanted RWU to seem very inviting, as if you are walking into your home. The open house would also need an invitation. The invitation front:invitation1

The invitation back:invitation12

The schedule booklet also has the same relaxed “at home” feeling:openhouse book1openhousebook2

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