Band Practice Supply Co.

The assignment for this project was to design an 826  Store for Austin, TX. An 826 Store is a storefront that has a theme and sells items related to that theme, but in the back of the store there is a tutoring center. The tutoring center is funded by the store’s proceeds and provides a valuable resource for under-resourced children. I was inspired by Austin’s music scene and all of the star power that seems to be innate in Austin, TX citizens.

This is what I anticipate the exterior of the theoretical store to look like:


Every new brand should have a branding manual, and here is the branding manual I created for “Band Practice Supply Co.:”bpscmanual bpscmanual2 bpscmanual3 bpscmanual4 bpscmanual5 bpscmanual6 bpscmanual7

The stationary for “Brand Practice Supply Co.”


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